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Utilizing intentional and aligned strategy, we make things happen. Your $250K to $750K business will transcend to a whole new level with extended impact, income, and the freedom you deserve. 

Pull up a seat, because you’re in exactly the right place

Your business should be giving you the freedom to live the life you always wanted, step away without losing revenue or momentum, and the opportunity to accelerate your vision by stepping into your zone of genius and away from the day-to-day tasks. End of story. Anyone who claims that getting out of the hustle isn’t possible hasn’t seen the way we do things.

Why settle for anything less than ultimate freedom? 

Your business should be amplifying your efforts, not draining them. That’s the power of a strategic business scaling method that’s intentionally designed to take you out of the never-ending hustle and right into 7-figure freedom (and all of its unlimited possibilities).

If your business feels more like a liability than an investment, it’s time to shake things up.

The days when multi-million dollar companies were just for the 1% or the trust fund kids are long gone. More than ever, visionaries, change-makers, and rebels are turning to entrepreneurship as a way to create massive change and share their potent message.

You shouldn’t have to work ALL the time, doing ALL the things, just to pay the bills and keep things rolling.

ultimate freedom

We’re not your typical business coaching company

We know there are hundreds (if not thousands?) of other coaches out there that you could partner with to scale your business. But nobody routinely double or triple $500K to $1.5M businesses with as much ease and freedom like we do!

Discover The 7-Figure Freedom Method

If your current scaling strategy sounds like, “How can I do my business like they’re doing over there?”... it’s time to put a cork in that way of thinking. At MWS, we design your business model (and the way you make money in it) around your vision, unique wiring, and natural strengths—no cookie cutter approach allowed.

What makes you unique (even a little weird) is the starting point, not an afterthought.


There is no portal to log into, videos to watch, or complicated technology to learn before you can see results. We'll implement the strategy we personally develop together, so that you can sit back and enjoy the full 7-figure freedom experience. We're here to free you up to do only the stuff in your zone of genius.



The business coach who created the $3,497 course you bought off their webinar is happy to give you access to their portal, get paid, and move on to the next client. But when you work with us, we become your true partners in ALL things business scaling. We won't stop until you get the results we promised.



My clients Laura Minard RN and Shelby Kurz RN
founders of the Successful Nurse Coaches are single handedly                         corporate medicine...

"We knew we didn't want - or need - another business coaching program or just another mentor. We needed someone that could actually tell us what we needed to do to scale our success...and then help us to implement because we were already maxed out., adding more stuff to do just wouldn't have worked."

How did they do it?


by empowering nurses to step out on their own, building health coaching private practices, and bringing true HEALTH to their communities...

In just the last 6 months of stepping into the Accelerator program and applying the 7-Figure Freedom Method to their $200K a year business, these two powerhouses have completely leveled up...and are now on track to hit 7-figures in 2022...

They invested in themselves and their vision.

We redesigned their business revenue model...and 3x their fees...and without missing a beat, they began selling their new offer and made $100K in the first 30-days of launching their program to their current list and FB a few months later, that number has nearly tripled...

They were fearless.

Laura and Shelby have added 5 new team members to their team and fired 2 that weren't a fit...but before bringing new hires onboard, they developed the standard operational procedures for each of the tasks and projects they were that their team stepping in to support them, had the support of solid systems, and clear expectations of what success would look like...

 They got strategic.

Instead of scaling the chaos of their 6-figure business when it was running at full capacity, we slowed down and simplified...put systems, automations and workflows in place making scaling up so much easier...and faster...

They simplified before multiplying.

Total rockstars!!! Watch out 7-figures,
they're coming for you!

Hi! I’m Madeleine Wyke Silva

Meet The Business Architect & Creator of The 7-Figure Freedom Method

As a rebel entrepreneur, warrior for freedom, and writer with big dreams I know what it’s like to have a vision and struggle with the execution. Picture this: a small-town girl from Sweden at age nineteen moving to a foreign country ten-thousand miles from home with a dream of building a life out of two tiny suitcases.

That same girl spent years hustling to high 6-figures and discovered the never-ending loop of stress, exhaustion, and endless tasks. I knew there had to be a better way, so at the age of 44 I decided to sell everything and start over. That single decision led me to the 7-figure freedom I’m enjoying today.

My mission is to share this proven method with you to accelerate your business in ways that allow you to truly soar, expand your impact, and give you the freedom you crave.

As a rebel entrepreneur, warrior for freedom, and writer with big dreams I know what it’s like to have a vision and struggle with the execution. Picture this: a small-town girl from Sweden at age nineteen moving to a foreign country ten-thousand miles from home with a dream of building a life out of two tiny suitcases.

That same girl spent years hustling to high 6-figures and discovered the never-ending loop of stress, exhaustion, and endless tasks. I knew there had to be a better way, so at the age of 44 I decided to sell everything and start over. That single decision led me to the 7-figure freedom I’m enjoying today.

My mission is to share this proven method with you to accelerate your business in ways that allow you to truly soar, expand your impact, and give you the freedom you crave.

The 7-Figure Freedom Method

Real-life tested and proven to bring more ease, more impact, and more freedom to you, the visionary.

From accelerating your revenue streams to making your business run and grow without you, we’ll help you design a business that allows you to truly soar.

There are a LOT of things that you're doing RIGHT in your business, or you would have never made it to $300K, $500K or $700K. So rather than throwing everything out and starting over, we want to identify the 20% that generates 80% of the growth and impact… and amplify it.

We’ll search for the profit leaks, where plates are being dropped, and mistakes are being made so we can plug the holes and put that money back into your pocket. The results? An average of $100K to $300K in additional revenue in the first 90-days of partnering with us.

The Audit

Here's what’s                     

Introducing The Accelerator


+ Deep Dive VIP Day with Madeleine to audit your business in 5 key areas: Wealth, Integration, Support, Expansion, and Freedom.

+ Personalized 25-point scorecard created by Madeleine so that you know exactly what needs to be amplified and what needs to be eliminated in your business to reach 7-figures and create massive impact.

+ Team Strengths Assessment to ensure that each team member is in the right fit position and identifying skill and knowledge gaps that need to be filled as your business scales up.

+ Inbound Marketing Assessment to evaluate how your current marketing strategies are performing and pinpoint exactly what needs to be tweaked, amplified or eliminated to maximize returns.

+ Flip the Freedom Switch on Your Calendar so that you can free up 10-20 hours per week to get some spaciousness back into your routine. 

+ Be Current Productivity System to help you find a natural way to tap into your flow and get the important things done without having to do more. 

Most business coaches and marketing agencies skip this step all together and then waste your time and money starting from scratch to test what might work. But *spoiler alert* — we go much, much deeper.


This is where Madeleine’s 30+ years of business scaling expertise really shines! She’ll help you take your biggest and boldest ideas, integrate them with all the data points from the audit, and effortlessly design a business model that is 100% aligned with your vision, your unique wiring, and your natural strengths.



+ Strategic business model design by Madeleine to ensure your business is profitable and sustainable no matter what challenges you may face now and in the future.

+ Accelerated growth mastermind with Madeleine to help you map out a customized, strategic marketing plan to make your 7-figure freedom a reality.

+ Aligned messaging with Madeleine to give voice to your most profound transformation so that you can stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

+ Empowered Sales Process with Madeleine to map out each step of your sales process to effortlessly take prospects from skeptical to committed, and happy to invest with you.

+ Dream team organizational chart designed by Madeleine to help you prioritize your next top three hires so you can do only the stuff you LOVE to do in your business, and delegate everything else (within your budget, of course).

+ Monthly Strategic Project Session with Madeleine to help you stay focused on the things that will move the needle the most in your business.

+ Quarterly metrics intensives with Madeleine to help you use the numbers in your business - after we’ve designed a beautiful, totally customized one-page digital dashboard for you to collect all the important numbers - so you can make an elegant strategic plan to reach your business goals with ease.

When you have different experts working on different parts of your business—marketing, messaging, sales, systems—you’ll end up with a hosp-posh of disjointedness that leaves gaps where potential clients fall through and holes where potential profits are leaked. But *bragging rights*, we apply a holistic approach so that everything flows perfectly together, and each piece is building on the next, amplifying your results.


Your time is WAY too valuable to keep doing the stuff in your business, that when clearly outlined, can easily be done by someone else. Stay in your zone of genius and let us install the systems necessary to hand over the operations to a capable team (or have our team step in and do it for you. Either way, it’s off your to-do list)

Oh, and all of those ‘emergencies’ that keep popping up and pulling you away from your important work? We’ve got those covered, too.



+ Customized Metrics Dashboard so that you know within 30 seconds if your business (and team) are on track without having to look in 15 different places, log in to 10 different platforms, or manually track things in endless spreadsheets.

+ Streamlined Operations Workflow so that you can easily hand-off your brilliant ideas to your team to be implemented into your business without you having to lift a finger or micromanage every detail.

+ Client onboarding to leave that lasting WOW! first impression with every new client as they enter your programs and services.

+ Magic Messaging Content Distribution so that your potent message is in ALL the places without you having to be in ALL the places. We install the workflow into your business and plug your team into it, so that your content shows up in all the right places (or you can have our team step in and do the content distribution). Either way, it’s off your to-do list.

+ Deep + Narrow Job Descriptions so that each team member’s natural strengths are magnified and therefore deliver outstanding productivity from day one, and every day thereafter.

+ Standard Operating Procedure Library so that you can effortlessly delegate tasks and free you up to work only in your zone of genius without interruptions from team members trying to figure out what to do or how to get something done.

+ Developing Hiring Funnels so that you don’t waste time with the wrong hires (or *gulp* hire them), and allow the top candidates to stand out to make hiring the right people a breeze.

+ Run Hiring Funnels to ensure that you get to choose from the best of the best on a budget you can afford so you can scale up without having to fill in the gaps yourself.

+ New Hire Onboarding so that each new hire is seamlessly integrated into your business vision, understands what is required to succeed in your company, and how to add exponential value to grow your business for you.

+ Private Voxer Channel so that you’ll literally have us in your back pocket to whip out anytime you need a pep talk, clarity, inspiration, or support.

Most business coaches will send you into a portal to watch an endless series of training videos that you have to implement on your own. And the integrators, online business managers, and operations managers rarely have the depth of knowledge necessary to get all these pieces streamlined and installed into your business. But *we do* — and we do it for you.


The love, attention, and value you pour into your business deserve to be returned to you tenfold. That’s why we make sure to continuously optimize everything we’ve installed into your business, so that you can truly sit back and enjoy your newfound freedom, massive impact, and rapidly growing bank account.



Mellissa Seaman is a Stanford graduated attorney turned intuitive business strategist and the creator of the Channel Your Genius methodology.

Meet Mellissa who grew her business from $200K to $700K within 10 months

Before partnering with us to scale her 6-figure business, Mellissa was launching a program, running a challenge, hosting a webinar, speaking on stages, writing sales emails to her list—you name it—she was working hard to serve her clients and generate enough revenue to cover her bills. If she had the audacity to take a break, go on vacation, or attend a mastermind, her business screeched to a halt and she would lose money and momentum. She knew she wanted more reliable income, to create a bigger impact, and the freedom to step away, but she didn't know how to create the next level of growth in her business without just doing more of what she was already doing—and that, frankly, felt impossible. She was already working SO hard.


Not only did we work with Mellissa to design the profitable and sustainable business revenue model of her dreams, but we also hired a top-notch integrator and completely overhauled her operations.

As a result of her business redesign, not only did the soft launch to her list of her newly created signature program generate over $167K in a few weeks but it also set her up with a recurring income stream that would more than cover her bills for a whole year — giving her the cash and freedom to take two month long vacations! Over the year she enrolled over 300 students into her Channel Your Genius Academy, had over 10,000 new subscribers take her quiz, and every day she received dream client inquiries without her having to do any of the heavy lifting. Mellissa was finally free to channel her genius.

“Partnering with Madeleine and her team has been the best decision I've made in structuring my business for ease and success. Madeleine is more innovative, more strategic, and more creative than anyone when it comes to creating elegant structure, and building the perfect team. My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner. If you have a 6-figure business and a vision and you want to work solely in your zone of genius while your business, impact, and income keep growing - you need to scale. If you want it done well, you need Madeleine and her team.”

her words, not ours

You could spend a ton of time and money hiring an operations manager, a marketing strategist, a business coach, a human resources specialist, a chief financial officer, a recruiting company, and more to implement it for you.

Spoiler alert — one option is much easier (and more cost-effective) than the other.


You could hire a team of experts who eat, breathe, and sleep profitable business scaling and have the systems already in place to double or triple your $250K to $750K in the next 12 you your freedom back!

When it comes to innovative, strategic, and profitable business scaling, you have two options:

Think of us as your secret weapon for scaling your business

Elayne Kalila Doughty is the founder of the Priestess Presence Temple: A community of 80,000 women strong from all over the world stepping into a deeper spiritual path.

Meet Elayne Kalila who scaled her business to $112K months in just 9 months. 

Before partnering with us to scale her multi-6-figure sacred business, Elayne Kalila was the driving force and inspiration behind her business massive launches, doing all the sales calls herself, delivering all 4 of the programs, leading and tracking hundreds of students through their spiritual growth path. Coming off her best year to date, she was feeling the cost of her success, she knew that to continue to be the only main teacher and content developer was not sustainable. She knew she wanted to step into a whole new level of depth with her programs but she didn’t know where she would find the time, energy or audience.


On our second call, during the height of Covid, we helped her pivot a modest launch turning it into $150K in revenue within a few days. Then we leveraged the momentum and tweaked the other two upcoming launches for the year and as a result her next launch brought in $350K in revenue. This massive growth was made possible by bringing in her team to do the sales calls and most of the delivery of the programs so that growth was no longer solely dependent on Elayne Kalila. Now she was freed up to step into the deep mentorships she had been feeling called to bring into the world, finding her audience right there in her community. All while 3x the number of scholarships offered to the students that needed $$ support to step into programs.

“Partnering with Madeleine and her amazing team has been nothing short of a miracle. I have always had such a deep desire to have our internal business structures be as elegant and clear as the work that we offer into the world! Madeleine has helped me to not only increase revenue , but also look at the overall health and well being of the business- what it takes to build a legacy through the structures and systems. She has supported us with everything from how we run our launches, to training staff, and seeing where we needed much more support. Her strategic brilliance is a major asset, and her systems and procedures (that she shares so generously) are starting to create the space for us to continue to build a sustainable business that holds true to its mission and purpose! Amazing!!” 

her words, not ours

The Next Steps’s not uncommon for our clients to 5x, 10x, or even 30x their investment in the first 90-days of working with us.

Once you apply, we’ll review your application to make sure we truly are the best team to help you double or triple your $250K to $750K business. If we’re a perfect match, we’ll reach out to book a call.



On our call, we’ll discuss your business vision and answer any questions you have. You’ll then have what you need to lock it in and secure your date.



We’ll make some serious magic together as we get ready to launch you into
 7-figure freedom!



Please note that we take on a limited number of new clients each month to ensure we give each client our 110%.

The 7-Figure Freedom Method Guarantee 

The 7-Figure Freedom Method has been shaped and honed over the last 5 years to ensure results so that you succeed - we won't take you on otherwise. We've implemented it in businesses around the world and have seen some absolutely AMAZING results.

We're so confident in The 7-Figure Freedom Methodology that we offer 3 rock solid guarantees: 

We'll free up at least 10 extra hours per week for you to let go of the hustle and tap into your intuition, genius and vision so that you can create a bigger impact through your unique gifts.

Spaciousness Guarantee 


We guarantee 100% alignment. If you're not feeling aligned with the strategy we develop together during the assessment and your VIP Day (the first month) we'll cancel any further agreements and issue you a full refund. 

Alignment GuaranteE


We guarantee 3X ROI. Our 7-Figure Freedom Method is so effective that we can confidently promise 3X return in 12 months. You of course have to show up and follow the process, but we're right there with you. 

ROI Guarantee 


Normally, this is where we’d put a boring ol’ FAQ Section

But instead, we’ve created an exclusive private podcast so you can learn more about our done-for-you business scaling methodology—wherever, whenever.

Ready to create a profitable and sustainable business that gives you the freedom you deserve?